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The Asian way

We leverage our international team's industry expertise and we possess a vast experience with Asian ship-owners. We want to become your shipping partner of choice between Europe and Asia.

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Understanding Asia

A proven track record Asia wide, working for and with all major ship-owners, gives us the unique capacity to offer a competitive, transparent and reliable solution.

A wide network of selected business partners for a hassle free communication with Asia completes the added-value offer of Vinia's services.

Going further

We work fast and steady to analyze your commercial and technical needs, we go through all the different possibilities until we are able to offer a tailor-made proposal.

Ongoing account management of each project,automated updates, 24/7 availability and daily status reports. These are essential to our company's customer approach.

A different approach

An independent and innovative approach to the sector, with no shareholding links to any other group, allows us to act in the market with total freedom. Our strategic consultancy is a guarantee for our customers in terms of providing strategies for further expansion and commercial growth.

We not only energetically try every possible shipping alternative; but we bring profitability to our customers.

Business areas

Heavy industry

Heavy industry

The delicate handling of heavy-lift elements like generators, gantry cranes, locomotives, heat-exchange systems or transformers is the keystone of our serviced areas.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Vital to a broad number of industries, the transportation of Oil & Gas industrial elements such us pipelines, extraction rigs, boilers and gas turbines amongst others is also one of our main areas of work.



With cargo volumes picking up after some troublesome years, the transportation of green energy generation products remains as one of Vinia's areas of interest.

Vehicles and Yachts

Vehicles and Yachts

Working for ship-owners with a versatile fleet gives us the capacity to serve a broad number of industries, such as mining (i.e. bulldozers, trucks, pit-cars) or the booming recreational boat Asian market.

Bulk cargo and raw materials

Bulk cargo and raw materials

The spot fixing of bulk cargoes such as cement, fertilizer or steel coils shipments are one of the pillars of our company.

Our routes

VINIA focuses exclusively on the trades specified below. We strongly believe that only covering such areas and the "en route" ports between them is one of our main strengths.

Asia - Europe - Asia (via Suez & via Cape Town)

Asia - West Coast South America

Intra Asia

General information

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